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From mobile Phone

  • From scroll down past the forum section until you see a button that says “Challenge Now” (request hold is if you are going to be gone, sick or working too much to play)
  • Under the box “Available Challenges” Click “0 selected”.
  • Three names will appear. Normally you can only challenge 3 spots. However, if 2 opponents ahead of you are already playing a match, the next player down becomes available.
  • Underneath you may choose the format of the race. (8 9 or 10 ball minimum race to 7) if you choose to mix and match that is fine, we are working on an “other” option.
  • Once the rules have been selected and the challenge is sent you must wait for your opponent to accept the challenge. ( a new folder is created where you both can comment to agree on the time or negotiate race, game etc.)
Accepting a Challenge/entering score from mobile phone

  • From scroll down past the forum section and you will see the selections your opponent has made. You have the option to Accept, or decline the challenge (if declined your spot will be forfeit to the opponent)
  • Once both members have agreed to the match, under the box where the challenge used to be, you will now see an option to enter the score.
  • Once the match has been played, both players must agree to the score in order for the match to be complete (winner has the most motivation to make sure this happens before both leave after the match)
  • Once both players have agreed to the score, you will be asked how the payment is made (Cash venmo Cashapp paypal etc) matches are $5 a person and must be paid upon completion.

If You do not plan to be active please request hold next to the challenge button, this will disable users from being able to challenge you, and ultimately helps create a better experience for those who wish to play. The only holds that will be monitored are those in the top 16.
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